Colquitt County Confederates remembered

Citizens in Colquitt County pay their respects to those that gave their lives in the Civil War for the Confederacy. / Matt Prichard

Officials with the Sons of Confederate Veterans met in downtown Moultrie today to remember those that served during the Civil War from Colquitt County.

Today marked the 150th anniversary of the 2nd group of young men to leave for battle throughout the southern part of the state.

The group was sent out to secure the area all the way up into Macon. Officials at today's ceremony described the battles that these young men fought in.

Event coordinators took time afterwards to describe exactly why these events are crucial to have in Southwest Georgia.

"People forget who they are, where they came from. And the best way to remember them is to put their names back out amongst them," said Georgia Division Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Jack Bridwell.

Next March the group will hold another ceremony, remembering the last group to leave Colquitt County to help with the war effort.

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