Colquitt County changes rules on dog walking

The Colquitt County Board of Commissioners recently passed an ordinance that changes how dog owners can walk their dog.

One resident of Colquitt County, Dez Jemar says, "The dog has to use the bathroom and I don't want to invade his privacy I just take him off the leash and let him do it; I should be able to do that in my own residence."

The ordinance states that owners have to walk their dogs with a leash in residential areas and although some don't agree with that, others, are understanding of the new law.

Resident Stoney Walker said, "I think people should walk their dogs on a leash, it can keep people from being endangered because some dogs might bite people. "

Lester Castellow, County Attorney, says most issues with dangerous dogs come from residential areas.

Another resident Debora Moore said, "I think it's great that way it keeps the dogs from biting children and biting people and they should stay in the yard where they belong. "

The first violation will lead to a warning, if your dog is found without a leash in a residential area and fines will follow.