Colquitt commission commits to millage rate

Colquitt County Board of Commissioners meet to discuss milage rate. / Matt Prichard

The Colquitt County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday to discuss the millage rate and a possible change in the coming months.

The board was deciding whether or not to keep the milage rate at the same level, or role it back. City Administrator Bryan Schuler says this decision has been an extremely long process.

"In order to maintain the current milage rate, we had to have three public hearings, required by state law, or role back the millage rate to offest the growth of the curve itself, so the commission held these hearings so they'd have a chance to maintain the current rate, or role back the property tax rate," said Schuler.

Several citizens were in attendance and expressed their issue with the decision, however the board still voted to keep the millage rate at the same level.

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