College students prep for school amidst cuts

Darton College held class registration all day Thursday

College students are gearing up for classes tomorrow in the midst of yesterday's announcement that the state will furlough higher education employees.

Darton College students waited nearly two hours in line to register for classes. Darton is expecting 5,200 students this fall, about 200 more than last year. Communications Director Krista Robitz says they're doing more with less after the Board of Regents' four percent budget cut that requires faculty and staff to take six furloughs. The cuts also mean bigger class sizes. But with an increase in students and a decrease in funding, many Darton College students are wondering how the cuts will affect their education.

"I feel like the teacher might not even have time to give me attention, ya know, if I raise my hand and 10 or 20 people raise their hand, the teacher might not even have time to get to me," said student Valerie Wilson.

First-year student Soccorra Faulk said, "I feel like a student can get the education that they want from any school if they just put forth the initiative to get it."

"We'll have to see in the future because I know it's not gonna affect met yet, but it will," said nursing student Christian Hendrick.

The furloughs will not affect class time, and the college expects no layoffs. However, the state could increase the budget cut even more to six or eight percent.