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      Cold temperatures don't stop pay day

      School teachers are getting paid despite the cold weather.

      The Tift County School System doesn't have furlough days, which means they still get paid for the cold temperatures that came around Jan 29th and 30th.

      Tift County Director of Communications, Stacey Beckham says there are 1,025 which total $250,000 per day. Since this day was already budgeted to happen teachers were able to keep their paycheck and are able to make up the time later. Beckham adds TCSS left it up to each school as to how the teachers will make up their time.

      The Mitchell County School System doesn't have furlough days either, but the teachers will have to make up two days with intersession school time on Feb 7th and March 18th.

      Luci Conine, Director of Business and Finance, for MCSS says there are 145 teachers and they will all be making up both days missed during the storm.

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