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      Cold beer helps the environment

      Beer wasn TMt on the menu but it was the topic of discussion at Friday TMs Emerge luncheon at the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce.

      "Miller-Coors is obviously one of our biggest and greatest industries in Southwest Georgia," said Caitlyn Cooper, the chairman of Emerge Albany.

      Nearly 70 young professionals came to hear David Dixon, Miller-Coors TM Environmental Health and Safety Specialist.

      Dixon reviewed the company TMs history, philosophy, and stressed the importance of its relationship with the community.

      He also said that Miller-Coors is hiring.

      "We TMre having a change over, some of our staff have reached 30 years, 25 years, and they TMre retiring so well-paid jobs are still available out there," said Dixon.

      Despite Miller-Coors TM substantial impact on the local economy, most of the discussion focused on the company TMs efforts to protect and preserve the Albany-Dougherty Environment.

      Miller-Coors TM ~Green Team TM is committed to reducing the resources coming into MillerCoors and recycling everything that goes out, helping the environment and the taxpayers.

      "The more we can reduce " or anybody else can reduce " the longer our landfill will last and we TMre talking about millions and millions of dollars," said Dixon.

      Miloy Schwartz of Lemonade Marketing liked what she heard.

      "To be willing to invest " to make that big of an investment " in the environment, I think that TMs pretty impressive," said Schwartz.