Coffee lovers' treat shop sets up in downtown Albany

Starbucks coffee coming to downtown Albany. / Jessica Fairley

All the coffee lovers in Albany will be happy to know a new Starbucks is coming to town.

The Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Albany is putting the finishing touches on the new business in preparation for their opening.

Officials with the hotel say the coffee shop will not only be open to hotel patrons, but the general public as well. In addition to its selection of coffee and free wifi, the restaurant will also serve sandwiches and soups.

Although staff members have had barista training, officials say they won't open until the product is perfect.

"People know how they want their coffee to taste and how they want their product to taste and we're not going to open until we feel we have got it down to a science but we hope to be open within the next couple weeks," said B.J. Fletcher, Hilton Garden Inn Director of Sales.

She says the company expects to hire four new employees to fill the new positions.

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