Coffee County teenager's dream is coming true

When Savannah Phelps saw her aunt's post about finding a date for Aaron she jumped on the opportunity. / Courtney Highfield

Aaron Hatten, a 19-year-old Coffee County High School student, is getting to go to prom tonight for the first time, and it's all being made possible by the community he lives in.

Aaron Hatten has down syndrome and his parents Mary Sue Hatten and John Hatten were worried their son might not have a date for prom. After seeing a story about a girl offering to go to prom with a different student with down syndrome, Aaron's mom shared it to her Facebook page, hoping the same would happen for her son.

Aaron's teacher, Sonya Lott, shared Mrs. Hatten's story to her Facebook page and that's when everything started to fall into place for Aaron, and he didn't even know it yet.

Savannah Phelps, Lott's niece, saw the post and called her aunt to tell her she wanted to go to prom with Aaron.

After Aaron's parents gave it their stamp of approval, Lott shared the news with Aaron; that he was, in fact, going to have a date to prom. Lott says the look on his face when he found out is something she just can't put into words.

Word of this act of kindness spread around town quickly and local businesses decided to pitch it and help make Aaron's dreams come true as well.

Aaron's parents say they are just overwhelmed with gratitude, and overwhelmed with excitement for their son. They both say everyone deserves something like this, even if they are "different."

Aaron and Savannah both said what they are most excited for is being able to dance at the prom, and apparently Aaron has been practicing his moves for a while now.

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