Code Red warns thousands of looming storms

Code Red sends out warnings during disaster. / Jessica Fairley

The first week in February is deemed Severe Weather Awareness Week and Dougherty County officials are asking families to take advantage of a free service that could save their life.

Last week several storms passed through southwest Georgia, with three cells entering Dougherty County. Emergency management officials say over 29,000 calls went out to those who are signed up for Code Red.

Code Red is tied to the National Weather service. It's set up to send out warnings when there are storms approaching any sector of the county.

The calls not only warn residents that a storm is approaching but it also lists what precautions to take to stay safe.

Officials say once the calls come, families should have a plan in place in case of disaster.

"Sit down with your family and come up with a plan, an emergency plan for your family of what you're going to do during time of emergency, what kind of supplies you might need in a survival kit to keep you going for 72 hours," said Jim Vaught, Dougherty County EMA Deputy Director.

To sign up for the Code Red Program, go to the city of Albany website and sign up or call the Albany Fire Department.

So far, more than 31,000 people in Dougherty County have signed up for the program. That's about 42 percent of people living within the county.

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