Code Red alarm locks down Worth County schools

Students are starting to return to the building. / Courtney Highfield

Third Update (4:16 PM)
The Worth County School system has also released a statement:

Worth County High School had a bomb threat this morning. The school was evacuated. All students were moved to another school, so that they were not subjected to outside temperatures. Local authorities were contacted and the MCLB search dogs were brought in to search the school. The other schools were locked down as a precautionary measure. Authorities are continuing an investigation of this incident. The staff at each school is to be commended for the outstanding job responding to the situation. Our primary concern in an emergency situation is for our students, staff, and faculty's safety.

Second Update (3:05 PM)
The Sylvester Police Department has released the following statement:

This morning at approximately 9:06 a.m., the Sylvester Police Department received a call from Worth County High School, in regards to a bomb threat. The threat was located on a door in the girls bathroom stating the school would blow up at 3 o'clock. The student body and staff were evacuated from the building as members of the Sylvester Police Department, Worth County Sheriff's Department, Sylvester Fire Department, Worth County Fire Department and Worth County Emergency Management arrived on scene, secured the school and began a sweep of the school. Nothing was found during the sweep, but bomb dogs from the Marine Base in Albany also arrived on scene and searched the building. After the completion of the search, school officials were notified and began escorting students back into the building. The investigation into the source of the threat is now being conducted by the Sylvester Police Department.

First Update
Students are now returning to the school.

Initial Story
Worth County Dispatch confirms that all Worth County schools are on a Code Red lockdown due to a bomb threat around 9:30 this morning at Worth County High School.

All students have been safely evacuated and no one including parents can come or go from the schools.

Insiders say it was second period when they sent the students out of the school after a student found the threat written on the girl's bathroom wall. is reporting that Sylvester Police Chief Wayne Jennings said that the message could have been there before today but the message stated the school would blow up today at 3 O' Clock.

Fire officials are on scene along with trained dogs searching for anything suspicious on the campus.

FOX 31 is told that the superintendent is en route to the high school.

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