Code Enforcement cracks down on signs

Albany Code Enforcement officers were out in force Tuesday picking up signs that are illegally on the city's right of way.

Code Enforcement Director Mike Tilson says the right of way is usually between the street and the sidewalk. According to the city's sign ordinance, you can't put any signs on that property no matter what. He says to move your sign a few feet back and it's probably just fine. However, Tilson also wants us to make sure banners are up to code. He says you can only put up a banner hanging from a building for two weeks every six months and it costs $30 through the Planning and Development Department. Tilson says to further reduce drive distractions and blight, businesses can only have one ground sign per store front.

"Sign blight is one of those many factors that go into play during a redevelopment process and when people are considering whether they're gonna move their business to Albany or not," said Tilson.

You can find the city's sign ordinance here,