Coast Guard Tours Albany Technical College

Members of the Coast Guard stopped by Albany Techincal College today to preview the engineering and technology programs.

Coast Guard officials toured Albany Technical College looking for a potential new way to partner with some of their best students.

Rear Admiral Sandra Stosz says "I was amazed at the wealth and breath of the programs and a lot of technical colleges are limted and this college seems to provide something for everybody."

Military officials say technical programs are important to the guard.

Stosz said that "students that come into this program that are technically oriented that might have an aspiration to serve this nation, to be apart of something bigger than themselves".

Both sides have an opportunity to come together and have dialogue about what the future may hold.

Emmett Griswold, the Dean of Academic Affairs, says "we want to expand our relationship throughout the military in the united states such as the coast guard to provide the serivices and education traning that they need as well."

Griswold says the coast guard has a strong interest in producing inovation engenineers and albany tech could be a prime location for that educational track to be pursued.

The Dean of Academic Affairs says Albany Tech has a have strong record of producing students that are strong workers and ethical and competent.