Coalition begins training for homeless count

The Albany-Dougherty Coalition to End Homelessness want an accurate homeless count so adequate supplies are sent

The Albany-Dougherty Coalition to End Homelessness began training people on Wednesday about how to collect information on the locals who are homeless. They say they are teaching them everything from how to approach those who are homeless to collecting the data accurately.

The group says the numbers from last year were an undercount. They say 2009 was the last accurate count with 345 people living homeless. This year the coalition expects to see an increase.

"It will give us the documentation to support getting additional housing, affordable housing, getting additional services for those who are homeless or precariously housed," says Thelma Watson, Manager of Public Services.

The organization says they are not giving out any specific information on people they speak with. They don't collect full names, instead using initials. Birthdates are also collected to make sure duplicate records aren't taken.

The homeless count begins on January 23 and lasts through the week.

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