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      Club celebrates Thanksgiving, family style

      Boys and Girls Club serves up Thanksgiving dinner to the community.

      The Boys and Girls Club on Jefferson Street celebrated Thanksgiving in style Wednesday, inviting the community to come and eat.

      Officials were hoping to feed over a hundred people with turkey, ham, corn bread and anything else you'd expect at a Thanksgiving table.

      Service Director, Jason Belk says this event is something he and the community look forward to year round.

      "We're all family. I like to put it that way. And for my family, this was a time of year that we all sat down and got together, fellowship, and enjoy some good food. So all I want to do is share that with my boys and girls club members," said Belk.

      The event has been an Albany staple for over a decade and Belk says he has no doubt it will keep going for another 10-years.