Club celebrates Thanksgiving, family style

Boys and Girls Club serves up Thanksgiving dinner to the community. / Matt Prichard

The Boys and Girls Club on Jefferson Street celebrated Thanksgiving in style Wednesday, inviting the community to come and eat.

Officials were hoping to feed over a hundred people with turkey, ham, corn bread and anything else you'd expect at a Thanksgiving table.

Service Director, Jason Belk says this event is something he and the community look forward to year round.

"We're all family. I like to put it that way. And for my family, this was a time of year that we all sat down and got together, fellowship, and enjoy some good food. So all I want to do is share that with my boys and girls club members," said Belk.

The event has been an Albany staple for over a decade and Belk says he has no doubt it will keep going for another 10-years.