Clerk of court's lost documents restored

Evonne Mull is Clerk of court / Ashley Knight

Hundreds of thousands of documents were lost for at least six days in Clerk of Court office due to problems with the server.

John Antoniewicz, director of the Information Technology Department for the city says he doesn't know what caused the server to fail. He notes that there was a power outtage last Monday due to a generator test. Problems with the server, however, were not reported until last Wednesday.

Clerk of Court, Evonne Mull says her staff were willing to type in all the documents manually if they couldn't be restored. Civil and criminal documents in both superior and state court dating back to February 2011 were unattainable--these included documents relating to divorces, adoptions, torts, as well as misdemeanor and felony cases.

Software developer Iron Data is looking into reasons why the server crashed.