Clean-up for Throw-down

Georgia Throwdown cleans up Exchange Club Fairgrounds. / Matt Prichard

With the Georgia Throwdown on its way to the good life city, preparations at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds are underway. In years past the club has been responsible for paying to have the grounds cleaned, but not this year.

"We normally do a lot of cleanup ourselves, but they've come in and said for us letting them have it at this time of the year, they would go ahead an do most of the cleaning up that we normally do," said President of the Exchange Club, Larry Griffin.

But cleaning up the grounds is no walk in the park, Throwdown officials will be taking on acres and acres of land that is in need of some serious attention.

"We've got 108 acres out here, 80 acres of it that has to be mowed, like everybody else does in their yard we've got limbs down and we've got all that kind of stuff, and they're mowing the grass, picking up all the limbs getting rid of those and doing a real good cleaning job to the fairgrounds," said Griffin.

And Exchange Club officials say that cleaning the fairgrounds is a yearly problem but with the Georgia Throwdown coming to town, it's getting a little cheaper.

"It's been a blessing to us that they're able to come in and do all of that for us, and doing some things that we've been trying to do over the years," said Griffin.

Those extra projects include hauling off abandoned equipment, and removing several pine trees to make way for a new area of the grounds for performances.