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      Civilian Marines return to Albany

      Friday marked an important day as the last two Marine Depot Maintenance Command civilian-Marines came home after spending years overseas.Fred W. Miller spent the last five years touring Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iraq as a Theatre Lead while James Burris spent the past year all over Afghanistan as a Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic Leader.The two men say they're happy to be home, but of course are still thinking of others and hope their fellow comrades make it home soon as well."We had a great crew over there. For me, it was an honor to spend time with these folks and to support the marine base. I'd do it again. Absolutely," said Burris. "We'll have them in this environment back here where we can hunt and fish and not talk about it in the bunkers," added Miller.The men say they're looking forward to the hospitality shown here and though it will be rough, they're going to try and leave their time served behind to begin this new chapter.

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