Civilian Air Patrol is there to help fellow man

Lt Col Fred Broome with the Civil Air Patrol spoke to Kiwanis Monday afternoon.
/ Sean Streicher

The Civil Air Patrol is an all-volunteer civilian auxiliary of the US air Force that has unit across the county including here in Albany.

The Air Patrol has three primary missions:

- Provide aerospace education to members as well as the community

- Emergency services, which includes transporting medical materials, as well as aiding in search and rescue of downed air craft.

- Operation of a cadet program for members ages 12-21

"(It helps) equip our young people, to teach them core values of integrity and service as well," said Lt Col Fred Broome with the Civil Air Patrol.

For more information on joining the Civil Air Patrol Visit their website or stop by one of their meetings held 7:00pm, Tuesdays at the airport.
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