Civil rights leader honored Sunday

Civil Rights leader honored Sunday in Albany. / Matt Prichard

Albany city officials spent their Sunday afternoon dedicating two buildings to a 1970's civil rights activist.

In 1972, Johnnie Johnson Jr. filed a lawsuit against the city of Albany, demanding that African Americans be given the same freedom and rights that white people enjoyed inside the city.

Through determination and perseverance, Johnson won the trial and today was recognized for his efforts.

Family members say that their father left an impression on them, and the entire community that will never be forgotten.

"When I look at someone that works for the city, a high ranking position, it automatically takes me back to my father because it was because of him that they have the jobs and positions that they have today," said Johnnie Johnson Jr.'s son, Yaz Johnson.

Pastor Yaz says he's been working to honor his father for the past 10-years and says that weight is finally lifted from his shoulders.