City workers raise thousands for March of Dimes

The city of Albany receives an award acknowledging their placement. / Sarah Bleau

In FOX 31's Good News Story of the Day, the City of Albany topped a list, and it is for a positive effort its making.

City workers received second place in their fundraising efforts for the March of Babies 2011 â" an effort by March of Dimes. The City of Albany raised more than $8,000 dollars during their candy selling campaign that began in February 2010.

"The city of Albany employees really do work hard; they work hard in so many aspects and, on top of that, they have such big hearts. We want to say thank you from all of the babies in Georgia," says Michele Redmond, Community Director for the South Georgia Division of March of Dimes.

March of Dimes is one of only two charitable campaigns the city officially allows internal campaigns for.

On Nov. 10, the local chapter of March of Dimes is hosting the Signature Chefs Auction as a part of Premature Awareness Month.

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