City to repay $300,000 to HUD

Over $300,000 from HUD were allocated to Cutliff Grove Missionary Baptist Church for low-mid income housing

Albany City commissioners voted Tuesday to repay over $300,000 to 'Housing and Urban Development' that initially went to Cutliff Grove Church.

The church wanted to build low to moderate income housing along the 800 block of Broad Avenue. They have been receiving money from HUD over the past five years to use for demolition, operational costs, and setting up the housing office. However, the project was deemed ineligible, prompting the repayment of funds. HUD could not identify the Cutliff Grove's capacity to manage the project.

The HUD repayment will come from Albany's general fund, and a letter will be sent to congressman Sanford Bishop to help the church regain its standing with HUD.