City to look at new policy for downtown events

The city has occasionally paid the fees associated with the cost of an event held downtown / Ashley Knight

There are fees associated with holding an event downtown.

In some cases, the city has pitched in and paid the fees because they want to promote downtown, but that may be changing.

Omar Salaam wanted the city to pay the fees for his Junkanoo Festival May 5th.

However, with more events coming to the downtown area, commissioners say it's getting a little expensive for them.

They may soon write up a policy outlining when they will or won't foot the bill.

"Course, we need to be responsible for the money so we need to look at how do we do that in a way that doesn't impact our budget in a way that we provide services to our constituents," says City Commissioner Chris Pike.

Commissioners have not yet had time to carve out details, but will be looking into writing a new policy soon.