City severs ties with Jolivette

Roderick Jolivette. / Jessica Fairley

Albany city commissioners have approved a settlement against Roderick Jolivette who had three pending lawsuits against the city.

A resolution approved by the board of commissioners stated that it's in the city's best interest to settle all lawsuits against Roderick Jolivette.

In the agreement, Jolivette will receive a cash settlement of $185,000 from the city's Risk Management Fund and a pension payment.

"The city's risk fund will make a payment to the pension fund so that the pension fund doesn't suffer any loss and that payment is just over $95,000," says city attorney Nathan Davis..

This settlement comes under the terms that Jolivette release all lawsuit claims and permanently end his employment relationship with the city.

"Mr. Jolivette will be allowed to retire at his normal retirement date even though his normal retirement date hasn't come yet," says Nathan Davis.

Also during the commission meeting officials went over a resolution to keep the downtown Albany U.S. Post Office open.

"We have a federal lobbyist who's contacted our U.S. senator and we're contacting our senators and we're asking the public to contact our senators as well," says Roger Marietta, Albany City Commissioner.

Marietta says he and other city officials are doing all they can to keep the downtown post office open.

Commissioners also took time to honor those whose job is to protect civilians.

Jason Davis has been named 'Firefighter of the Year'.

"It makes me feel good to do something for the citizens of Albany and get acknowledgement for it," says Jason Davis, Albany Fire Department Firefighter.

Davis says saving people is why he became a firefighter.

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