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      City sells land that was used for high school athletics

      The Albany City Commission has sold several pieces of land totaling more than $500,000. One area in particular has many people upset.

      To the city commissioners it's just a piece of land but to Maryann Plowden, it's much more.

      "They obviously didn't know what they were selling," Plowden said. "They were assuming they had an attractive land that no one was using and was showing no benefit to the city."

      Plowden has two sons who run every year on this land at the Westover Invitational. She says the event has brought runners to the area from all over the state.

      "There's just nothing like this..nothing like this," she adds.

      Commissioners Bob Langstaff and Roger Marietta voted against selling the land. They wanted to delay a vote.

      "I wasn't aware until an hour before the meeting that the 30 acres on Lockett Station Road was used by all the neighbor community high school cross country teams."

      Westover Athletic Director Harley Calhoun sent an email to the mayor and commissioners to plead her case. Calhoun points out that the event brings in more than $100,000 each year.

      "It's a space that could be used by the larger community," Plowden said. "We do have many 5k races across Albany. The schools are the only ones that use this but it would be a great resource for the parks and recreation to be able to use out here also."

      The 30-acre space was sold for $91,000.

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