City of Ashburn uses solar panels for water

The city of Ashburn has a new system to pump one million gallons of water into their city everyday.

Their third water tower was built this past year. In addition to the water tower, Ashburn invested in a new wells that are estimated to produce a thousand gallons per minute. However, instead of using electric power to pump wells, all of the water panels in Ashburn are now being powered by solar panels.

Mayor Jim Hedges says this allows the city to save energy and money; by paying a little over a million dollars for the solar panels, that supposedly have a 30-year life span. A warranty that City Manager Ben Taylor says is saving them about $80,000 a year.

Taylor said, "We were spending about a 100,000 a year just filling up the tank and billions of electricity to fill up the tank." That was before the new system and now they plan to use the solar panels, during peek solar hours, and reserve the water they need in the water tower. He continues to say about eighty percent of the water usages can now come from these panels.

Mayor Hedges adds the up-keep isn't much all it takes is a paper towel and windex to maintain the panels and the water system should be up and running by February.

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