City manager meets opposition of City project

Al Lott addressed accusations from Albany Journal owner Kevin Hogencamp

Last week, City Manager Al Lott was faced with accusations concerning a stimulus-funded multi-modal transportation project.

Among other things, Albany Journal owner, Kevin Hogencamp accused Al Lott of falsifying documents, and cheating the federal government out of more money than was needed. Lott says they never falsified documents and that Hogencamp has no proof of this. Hogencamp makes reference to the cost of the project being "inflated" in order to get more money, but Lott says they had combined the cost of both phase one and two of the project to get the total amount. Phase one will consist of the bus base and a transit office, totaling $2.3 million. Phase two will include retail shops and more offices and will run about $4.5 million.

Folks who use public transportation on a regular basis told Fox 31 News that a new center is needed in Albany, but to be wary of everything you hear.