City manager accused of 'falsifying documents'

City Manager Al Lott addressed the City Commission Tuesday night

City manager Al Lott addressed the City Commission Tuesday in an effort to dispel accusations made last week in reference to the City's multi-modal center project.

Last week, Kevin Hogencamp, editor of the Albany Journal, went on a local t-v news program and accused Lott and the City of falsifying documents associated with an environmental assessment dealing with the multi-modal center. Hogencamp also said the City "mysteriously inflated" the cost of the project, thereby "cheating" the federal government out of more money. Hogencamp says the price went from roughly $3 million dollars to nearly $10 million. Lott says they in no way falsified any documents and the reason it appeared that the price tag went up, was because they combined the price of phase one and phase two of the project.

Fox 31 news will bring you more on this story in the coming days.