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      City makes history in cutting Chehaw funding

      In Tuesday's Albany City Commission meeting, officials voted unanimously to cut funding to Chehaw by three percent each year.In spite of the sour economy over the last five years, this is the first time ever that Chehaw has received any cuts by the city.Doug Porter, Director at Chehaw, says there haven't been any cuts by the city in 20 years, at least.Park officials presented two financial options to the board for funding.The first of which was a continuation of the annual funding of $1 million. The second option involved a one time $1 million payment in 2014 and a three percent decrease annually over the following four years. That's about a $30,000 reduction each year.Commissioners voted on option two.Although most board members wanted to provide the full amount, they say all entities have taken cuts over the years and they have to be responsible with city finances.The director at Chehaw says he's not surprised by the cut and hopefully the granted amount will help the park sustain over the next five years.He has plans to expand Chehaw amenities with a river front campsite, boat launch ramps and a zip line to draw in more people. Porter says hopefully this investment will bring in more visitors.

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