City hears from state lobbyist

The City's state lobbyist gives his report to the Commission

The City of Albany heard from its state lobbyists at Tuesday's City Commission meeting.

Among other things, the State General Assembly approved $1.8 million in five year bonds for the design of the Ray Charles Fine Arts Center at Albany State University.

Officials say Representative Carol Fullerton was to thank for her aggressive efforts.

"They have such little space and the building is very old, it was flooded during the '94 flood, they're practicing in the hallways, in the stairwell, the professors have tiny offices and it's very hard to council students or to do their work," Said Fullerton.

Also approved was $4 million for the new Broad Avenue bridge, a $10 million bond for widening State Road 133, and a funding request for $25 million for the construction of the Ray Charles Fine Arts Center.

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