City grants additional funding for summer program

Commissioners listen to Coach Jesse Massey at Tuesday's commission meeting

One summer camp almost had to shut its doors this week, and came to the Albany City Commission with a plea for help.

The National Youth Sports Program has been held at Albany State University for years and is usually funded by both the city and Dougherty County.

The city had already given its $15,000 contribution, but the county was unable to do so this year.

Coach Jesse Massey came to the city to ask for an additional $15,000.

The city was on the fence for a long time, saying they don't want to set a precedent of giving money to every non-profit who asks for it.

In the end they granted the money, but told Coach Massey to find ways of cutting back and to find alternate venues of funding for next year.

This was the second year the county was unable to provide funding.

"And we appreciate Mr. Sinyard and the rest of the County Commission and we understand the plight, we're just gonna have to get out in the community and let everyone know we need your help," said Coach Massey.

The program has been running for 36 years.