City denies liquor license applications at event centers

D.J. Bo's Spot Event Center on Cleveland Avenue was one of the centers denied a liquor license Tuesday

The city denied two liquor license applications Tuesday after hearing testimonies of outrageous behavior.

Two event centers in town are now dry--Club Cristal Bar and Lounge at 1601 North Maple Street, and D.J. Bo's Spot at 131 North Cleveland Avenue. Neither had representation Tuesday as the city held an alcohol denial hearing for both, but there was plenty of testimony against them.

"We hear music late at night, we can't rest, we cannot get to our homes because cars are in our driveways and on our streets. Coming out my driveway I saw beer bottles, cans, debris, paper bags," said Pastor B.W. Caldwell, who lives near the event center on Maple Street.

Both are in residential and partially residential areas. Officials say there was severe overcrowding, which presented a parking problem--causing problems for the fire department.

"Because if a fire breaks out, God forbid, in one of these neighborhoods, and the fire truck is not able to get there, then that to me is a really big issue," said City Commissioner, Dorothy Hubbard.

The strongest evidence was presented against D.J. Bo's Spot on Cleveland, where there were several grams found of marijuana, synthetic marijuana, cocaine and crack cocaine.

In addition to drugs and underage drinking going on inside, members of the gang unit said they found underwear and not one, but two stripper poles.

"I think the testimony was pretty graphic and showed just a plethora of problems. I think the evidence was clear that in each location, adding the privilege, or the right, or the license stability to serve and consume alcohol on the premises would have just geometrically increase problems for the neighborhoods," said City Attorney, Nathan Davis.

And for the commissioner who always votes against liquor licenses--he says he hopes now the commission understands why.

"A lot of these individuals that come before the commission for a liquor establishment--we have to take under control the public and safety and the welfare of any community," said Commissioner Jon Howard.

Commissioners say they plan to better regulate all event centers with liquor licenses.