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      City Commissioners on the fence about gun ordinance

      Albany City Commissioners are on the fence about passing a gun ordinance following the recently signed House Bill 60 which would allow city employees to come to work with a gun.

      On Tuesday city commissioners went back and fourth on whether or not to pass the ordinance, ultimately coming to 3-3 vote.

      Because Ward three city commissioner was not there to break the tying vote, commissioners will re-vote next week.

      Mayor Dorothy Hubbard is in favor of the ordinance and heightening security in government buildings because she says it's not about trusting the employees, it's outsiders she's worried about.

      "If our employee had a gun while someone coming in with a gun, perhaps if our employee doesn't have a gun then it won't be any kid of cnmfrontation."

      City Commissioner Roger Marietta feels the opposite way.

      "Why should the responsible employees have to leave their guns at home if they're going to be threatened by someone coming in off the street?"

      Commissioners have until the end of the month to make a decision. That's when the bill goes into effect, allowing city employees to bring guns to work.