City Commissioners get updated on multi-modal

One of the multi-modal maps brought before the city commission. / File

Albany commissioners were in deep debate about multi modal site maps that were brought before the commission Tuesday morning.

Commissioner Chris Pike says the consultant has done the city a "disservice with his option for site B," the current bus terminal location.

Pike adds that the consultant hasn't done an adequate job.

James Taylor says the consultant was hired to only assess four sites for the multimodal site and a design for the site has not been chosen. He says these maps are simply so that something can be shown during a future public hearing.

Once that is done, then the design can be drawn up and presented.

The budget for a new multi modal site is set at approximately $3.5 million.

A public viewing will be held next Tuesday at 4:00 PM in the Government Center for anyone who wants to look over the proposed sites.

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