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      City Commissioner Hines inspires others with visual impairments

      Albany City Commissioner Ivey Hines was invited to the Albany Advocacy Resource Center on Tuesday afternoon to speak to those who are visually impaired.

      Living with a visual impairment himself, Hines says he wanted to teach the message that living with a disability does not mean you TMre incapable of doing things others think you can TMt.

      "They need to be encouraged so that they will only have a disability and they will not be handicapped because society handicaps people but we're people with disabilities. That means we have physical limitations, said Hines.

      Hines also gave members a chance to ask questions, and many centered around the safety of crossing roads in the area. Hines instructed those with concerns to start coming to city commission work sessions where they can present items to the board, who can then vote on issues.

      Many of the members felt Hines TM story was both educational and inspiring and say they TMre grateful for the experience.

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