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      City commissioner concerned about traffic

      At Tuesday's city commission meeting, Roger Marietta brought up a concern about traffic enforcement in the city.

      Marietta spoke with FOX 31 on the matter saying he just wants to remind people to be safe and pay attention. He's noticed a lot of people running red lights or stop signs and he's heard complaints in the community of drivers not turning on their lights in heavy rain.

      FOX 31 took to the street to find out what other people think, and most people agreed. One long-time Albany resident said what he sees the most of are people turning without using their blinker. He's also seen a lot of people running red lights just as Marietta has. He says it's not only dangerous for the driver but him as well and he's especially worried when he has his grandchildren in the car.

      Marietta said after the meeting he spoke with the police chief who told him they were one step ahead of his concern and they've already started a new traffic initiative.