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      City brings up several issues to legislators

      The Albany City Commissioners along with the Mayor met with state legislators Wednesday to tackle some issue they're facing before the legislative session.The first thing they discussed was creating some kind of juvenile justice program in the city. The Albany Police Chief said right now the city is spending a lot of money on youth in a juvenile detention center and are trying to figure out some way to keep them out of "the system." In this program the Department of Health, the juvenile court judge, social workers, parents, and many other people will be involved in keeping these kids out of trouble.One commissioner said a problem in this area is that adults are using kids to commit crimes because they believe they won't get locked up. That commissioner said they're predisposed to this behavior and they've got to figure out a way to stop that.Mayor Dorothy Hubbard also said they need to speak with legislators about the dilapidated houses in the city. Hubbard says they can't do anything with them or tear them down because they're private property. She hopes to get some help on the state level with this issue.

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