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      Citizens sound off on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal

      Army veteran Curtis Dixon says he doesn TMt have a strong opinion either way about gays now being able to serve openly in the military.

      I TMve served in the U.S. Army and I have served with people that are gay. It didn TMt bother me, he says

      President Obama signed the bill repealing the military policy Don TMt Ask, Don TMt Tell, allowing gays to now serve openly in the military.

      As far as the battlefield, a soldier is affected in the same ways. They experience feelings and everything so it TMs nothing no different, says Dixon.

      But others feel it will cause cultural conflict.

      It TMs going to cause the gays problems and their biggest problem is going against the Lord, says citizen Gloria Faye Williams.

      Many citizens expressed a religious concern with the repeal of Don TMt Ask, Don TMt Tell.

      Being a homosexual is an abomination onto the Lord, says Abigail Meadows. If people at the army allows people to have standards, morals and ethics that are less than what the scriptures tell us, our country is indeed in trouble.

      Meadows also says is an agenda and manifesto among the gay community to attain more rights.

      Somehow the media has taken this lifestyle and so engrained in everyday life that we see it homosexuality and we think it TMs okay, she says.

      While some citizens say they TMre concerned about the cultural consequences, they also say they TMre worried about how this will affect gay soldiers.

      When they TMre in the military there are some that would really| it TMll make it hard for them because other people | they are against it. A lot of them will be against it and give them a very hard time, says Williams.

      But Dixon says on the battlefield, comradery is the only focus.

      When soldiers get together they become what we call ~Battle Buddies TM and they learn to watch each other TMs back. If you trust that person then you TMre going to trust him on the battlefield or off the battlefield, says Dixon.

      Some say sexual orientation should be personal.

      If you are gay and then somebody asks, if you decide to tell it you tell it. If they don TMt ask, keep it to yourself, says citizen Adarious Gibbs.