Citizen's Advisory Committee discusses new redistricting maps

Assistant City Manager Wes Smith talks with the Citizen Advisory Committee. / Ashley Knight

Assistant City Manager Wes Smith spoke with the Citizen's Advisory Committee Wednesday on the proposed district lines.

District five has shown considerable growth while districts one and six are unchanged. One change that has occurred since the old map was drawn in 2004 is that Albany has gone from being 65% African American to 72%. Chairman Mary Ligon feels this is an accurate depiction of Albany, with four districts predominantly black.

City Attorney Nathan Davis says the map meets the census bureau's motto of "one person, one vote".

The map will be presented at the next two night meetings for the city--one in the fourth week of August and the fourth week of September. After that, it will be sent to the Department of Justice for final approval, which Smith is hoping will be made by January 2013.
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