Church vows to make 5K Run for God

Church vows to Run for God. / Jessica Fairley

Runners and non-runners at the Albany Christian Church are taking on the 5k challenge, but they're doing it with a twist. Members of the church are taking a vow to Run for God.

The 5K Run for God program follows a 12 week training plan aimed at building the runners' stamina with bible teachings.

During the course, participants will go over workout plans and motivational stories to build up to the run.

Many of the members will start out as beginners and build up to their first 5k race.

The 5K that we'll actually be running will be the Jingle Bell Jog for Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital," said Braden Miller, Run for God Program Director, "That's the 5K that we will be running."

The run is set for December.