Church leader says "Get out of the boat"

Rev. Dr. Joseph Roberts Jr. speaks before the congregation at the First Presbyterian Church. / Jessica Fairley

A Civil Rights legend has made a stop in Albany to help a local church get across the message of charity.

Reverend Dr. Joseph Roberts Jr. was the closing speaker for Albany's First Presbyterian Church's 'Missions Week.' It's a time when members of the congregation reach out to various non-profits in the area and abroad.

Throughout the week, the church sent out prayers for the staff of the Anchorage, Missionaries in the Congo and Mission Change to name a few.

Dr. Roberts spoke to the congregation about how they should mimic these organizations in the community.

"The sermon was entitled 'Get out of the boat.' Don't just stay in your comfort zone. Realize there are people around us who need our help. Find practical ways to be of use to them," says Reverend Dr. Joseph Roberts Jr.

Dr. Roberts served as senior pastor for the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia for 30 years.

The First Presbyterian Church in Albany is led by Reverend Garrett Andrew.