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      Church gives away car to dedicated member

      Joe Cuff learned firsthand when one door closes, another door opens after he received a limited edition 2001 Nissan Altima from his Bacton church on Sunday.

      "I lost my job about three or four months ago and I didn't have any kind of income coming in and the car that I did have it stayed broke down on me," said Cuff.

      Despite his dilemma, Cuff stayed committed to the St. James Missionary Baptist Church and helping others -- because of this, his church decided he was the perfect person to receive a life-changing early Christmas present.

      "We actually felt like he would be the prime candidate for this vehicle because of the fact that he lost his vehicle, lost his job and he's been very committed to the ministry. Instead of him catching a ride to work, we felt like we wanted to bless him," said Pastor Lawrence Knighton.

      After spending the past few months as a passenger, Cuff says receiving this vehicle allows him to travel to work in the driver's seat. His new Altima is the third car Cuff's church has given away this year.

      Pastor Knighton says the gifts have been made possible because of the generous donations from the public, even during tough times.

      "People have went out of their way to bless us and that way we bless other people. I believe that God doesn't want us to just hold money in a banking account and not do anything to help people, he wants us to be a blessing to other people," said Pastor Knighton.

      Cuff plans to use the car to get to and from the church so he can continue helping others.

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