Christmas tree sales kick off

A local Christmas tree lot says they're seeing more business than they did last year this time

Some farmers across the Southeast shut down their Christmas tree lots because this summer's drought left them with little to sell.

That's not the case in Albany.

Glenn Eames from Eames Christmas Tree Lot says he receives his trees from Sparta, North Carolina. He says he called the grower over the summer and was told that area received adequate rainfall to produce the Christmas trees.

Eames says his sales did better this Thanksgiving Day compared to last year and continue doing well.

"It started up this morning (Friday) and has been pretty busy all day. Now next weekend will actually be the biggest weekend," he says. Eames says the first day of December is always a busy time for him because he says that is when many people begin getting ready for Christmas.

So far he says he's made approximately $5,000 from his Christmas Tree sales since he began this year's sale on Thursday at 3 p.m.