Christmas comes early for a young transplant patient

Tiranda Plummer before discovering her kidney disease. / Jessica Fairley

Middle school student, Tiranda Plummer, 11, received her Christmas wish early.

After being struck with a rare kidney disease in October of 2010, she took a turn for the worse. The disease shut down both of her kidneys, forcing her to start dialysis at the age of 10.

Tiranda and her family began travelling back and forth to Augusta, Georgia for treatment. After recognizing the severity of the ailment, the straight 'A' student and avid reader had to make drastic changes.

Unlike many children her age, she could no longer eat whatever she wanted or get up and go as she pleased. The disease had forced her to even cut out family trips with her father and her stepmother. At that point getting healthy became her life.

"You have to make sure that you are responsible," said kidney recipient Tiranda Plummer.

Yet even with the lifestyle changes, her health faded. This is when family and friends pitched in to donate one of their kidneys but it was months and many tries before they found a donor.

Eira Plummer says she felt disappointment when she found that she was a negative match.

"At first I thought well I tried, and then she said no no no Mrs. Plummer you're a match! My heart just sunk to the bottom and I was like are you serious and I felt like I won the lottery," said kidney donor and stepmother Eira Plummer.

Once tested, Mrs. Plummer began to make steps to move forward with the transplant.

Exactly 10 days before Christmas, she was able to deliver the gift of life. With that comes a new beginning for both the donor and the recipient.

"I want to thank God for even giving me a kidney so I can start all over and take my medicine and do what I need to do to keep my kidney," said Tiranda Plummer.

Tiranda Plummer says she thanks all of those within her circle for supporting her and praying her back good health.