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      Christmas carols and Phillip Phillips joined together for light show

      To enjoy the 45 minute show, drive by 259 St. Clair drive in Leesburg and tune into 88.3 FM. / Colby Gallagher

      Phillip Phillips may have moved to California but his hometown concerts continue thanks to "A Williams Christmas", an intricate light show timed out to music including Phillip's number one single, "Home."

      Five years ago, Troy Williams got the idea to build a light show and has increased the amount of timed, flashing bulbs on his yard from 3,000 to more than 50,000.

      In order to afford the lights which can cost anywhere from $15-$18 per strand, Williams says he had to start out small and accumulate more over the years.

      Williams says the planning begins months in advance, but once October hits he puts his family to work building his newest creation. The show's set takes five weeks to put up and Troy's wife Melanie says it's like being married to Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation but she enjoys it.

      Williams says although it's been done for five years, A Williams Christmas didn't take off until he decided to include "Home" to his 16 song set list.

      The family says neighbors have been extremely supportive and don't mind the extra traffic drive by.

      Although crimes pick up during the holidays, Williams says he's more worried about the rain, which can cause him to cancel the show for an entire day.

      To enjoy the 45 minute show, drive by 259 St. Clair drive in Leesburg and tune into 88.3 FM. The show runs Sunday through Thursday 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 6:30 to 11.

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