Children surprised by marine dad's return

Michael Regan surprised his kids at the airport when he returned home from Afghanistan

Rebecca Regan, the wife of an Albany marine, told her three kids they were picking up a family friend from the airport, but they received an exciting and unexpected surprise when they found out it was actually their dad.

"I actually, with my girlfriends, helped devise a story that we were coming here to pick up my girlfriend's sister, so they thought they were coming to pick up the sister and low and behold it was daddy instead," says Regan.

"It was very surprising, I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting a nice quiet event with only a few individuals. I was supposed to surprise the kids, but they surprised me instead," says MCCS Chief Michael Regan.

After nearly seven months serving in Afghanistan, away from modern conveniences, Michael says he is ready to get some real food.

His children are 13 years old, nine years old and five years old.

The Marine Corps League was also on hand to greet Michael at the airport.