Children make 'one stop' to shop for Christmas

Dontavious Pickett shops for Christmas gifts. / Jessica Fairley

Most kids look for Santa to bring them a surprise in hopes that it's something they want for Christmas but children at the Terrell County Resource Center had the chance shop for themselves.

Workers at the center opened the 'One Stop Shop' store inside the community center so that children can choose the gifts they want for Christmas.

The room was filled with toys, clothing, and other items that a child may want.

After the kids chose several gifts, the bags were then turned over to adults who will keep the gifts until Santa comes.

Each child will receive their bag of goodies on December 14th when Santa arrives for 'Christmas in the Park.'

Until then, the 'One Stop Shop' store will remain open to allow more children to shop.

As the gifts are depleted, officials are asking more people to donate so that each child can be blessed with a happy holiday.

Anyone who wants to donate a toy or clothing can contact the Terrell County Resource Center at (229) 995-6251.