Children build, battle robots at local camp

Children at Darton College Battle Bot Camp battle their robotic cars. / Mike Manzoni

Darton College is sponsoring a camp this summer, but it's not your typical one. Here, campers make robots and battle it out.

The weeklong camp has two dozen kids who make robotic vehicles out of Leggos. Then, they see who has the better bot.

"We really battle with them. We just put them on the floor and the person â" the other person â" we battle with them, and see who loses the most parts and is out," said Larry Wilson, a student at the camp and bot creator.

The program costs $130 per student.

"It is for them to be creative," said Holly Black, the camp's instructor. "If somebody wrecks theirs, they modify it, and make it better."

If your kid is interested, it is not too late; there is another camp scheduled for the second week of July.