Chicks optimistic looming donut talks

Two Chicks owners are optimistic about the future of their business. / Jessica Fairley

While contractors attempt to rezone land off of Dawson Road to possibly bring in a Homerun Foods and Dunkin Donuts, the current business owners on the property are coming up with a plan in case they have to move.

The owners of 'Two Chicks' say they were surprised by the news but they look at this as an opportunity for expansion.

They say this could be a chance to relocate and revamp their business plan.

If they have to move, they'll look into maybe setting up shop in an old warehouse or something off the beaten path.

"We've been here almost two years and we've been really happy with the location but change could be good. We're going to use it hopefully to our advantage and not be upset about it," said Jennifer Keel, Co-owner of 'Two Chicks'.

As far as placing a gas station in that location, Keel says it could be positive move for the future.

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