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      Chick-Fil-A campers get more than they bargained for

      Some of the people asking questions about the strange smell that later turned out to be a chemical leak were those camping out in Cordele for Chick-Fil-A's grand opening.

      Campers set up outside the fast-food restaurant early Wednesday morning for a contest, right around the time the leak occurred, and say they weren TMt sure what caused the smell but it was more than noticeable.

      "I knew it was a strong chemical and I said that's strange. We're out in the open and that smell is that strong? How would that smell if you were in an enclosed area," said Greg O TMDonnell, who at first thought it was the freshly painted parking lot next door.

      "I didn't know what it was, like I said at first we thought it was our car, maybe a skunk along the highway, so we didn't know anything about what it could've been, said Joshua Hicks, a student at Albany State University.

      Hicks says the closer he got to Cordele, the more pungent the odor became but he finally became immune to it.

      Other campers say being stuck outside with the odor with nowhere to go was irritating, but didn't make them sick or worried.

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