Cheshire announces Lee County Sheriff candidacy

Former Lee County Sheriff's Deputy announces his run for Sheriff. / Jessica Fairley

Now that Albany's mayoral race is over, people is southwest Georgia are preparing for an upcoming sheriff's election.

David Cheshire has announced his run against Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

Cheshire has been in law enforcement for the last 22 years, and up until last Thursday he worked as a shift supervisor for the Lee County Sheriff's Department Uniform Division.

He says his decision to run is not one of personal gain, but it's a matter of doing what's right.

"Money issues are priority by far for everyone and there are some things that I've noticed that sheriff Rachals has done dealing with the budget and money issues that we're going to come out with at an appropriate date and time," said Former Lee County Sheriff's Deputy and Lee County Sheriff's Candidate David Cheshire.

He plans to run on a clean platform with a focus on youth intervention.

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